Letting Go: Dying Before You Die with Ken Bradford

Ken addresses the pith wisdom that declares, “If you die before you die, then when you die, you do not die.” The human predicament is that we live in a dualistic vision that divides our sense of self from others and The Mystery of existence. Being oddly out of sync, we feel an existential loss – a sense of wanting – that fuels recurring desire and aversion for something less (bad or boring) or more (enjoyable or interesting) than what happens to be happening. This is the everyday samsara project devoted to promoting and defending a self-ground. Holding on to a sense of self – opinions, ideas, preferences, past trauma, etc. – traps us in an emotionally charged mindset dominated by self-centered hopes and fears. Letting go of self-grounding into the groundlessness of untethered being is the singular key to self-liberation. Thus it is said, ‘whoever can die before they die, then when they die, do not die’ realizing there is no real, separate self that could die.

About Ken Bradford, Ph.D: Ken is a retired clinical psychologist and lectures in the United States and Europe. He is a contemplative yogin and teacher integrating a wide arc of Buddhist, Dzogchen and Existential psychological thought and practice. Grounded in Theravada and Tibetan Buddhist traditions since 1975, he has been in the vanguard introducing meditative sensibilities and nondual wisdom into the practice of psychotherapy. He is now devoted to practicing and teaching the Dharma as circumstances suggest.

Running Time: 1 hour and 31 minutes

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